English Speaking Course

English Speaking
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20 students

Online English Speaking Course in Noida Delhi/NCR


English for Growth

By pursuing online English speaking course you can grow in your respective social gatherings, working area. As per the present scenario you need to speak well in English to participate in any of the activities happening around us.
People of any age can learn English language with the use of proper grammar in few weeks only.  You can learn lot with lot of fun. Our Expert will motivate and encourage you easy way of adopting English language in our daily lives.


Types of Program available in our online English Course

  • General English Speaking Program- This program in general is suitable for all. Whosoever wants to start learning or want to improve further can pursue this program. This program includes english speaking skills, presentation skills, two way communication, interview communicating skills.
  • Working Professional Program- This program is specially designed for people who are working and want to upgrade their career skills that are required in their regular working environment
  • Career Program- This program is designed for students or people who want to appear for the interview. Will polish your communication skills and guide you with the techniques required at the time of interview.
  • English Program For Kids- Through various fun activities we encourage kids to speak in english without any hesitation. With dictionary games we help to add on words in their vocabulary that are used in our regular routine life. At YBM Education Academy, for kids in this program we will cover topics of their interest. W create an environment of learning.
  •  English Program for Homemakers/Housewives- In this program we support and help our home management workers to upgrade themselves as per the present scenario. Along with handling home making duties they can pursue online English speaking course to maintain self-worth and be an all rounder in every sense.

 Benefits of English Speaking Course

  • You can take the class as per your schedule timings
  • You can pause the recordings and practice or revise side by side.
  • Can pursue this course along with your studies, with your offfice or home working.
  • After learning the concepts of speaking English language you yourself will feel


How To Pursue  Online Course at YBM Education Academy

  • As you enroll for course , you will receive a link to access the course and will receive user id and password in your email address.
  • By using the user id and password you will be able to access the course.
  • The course will include recorded video of lessons that can be studied and revised anytime as per your convenience from anywhere
  • You will get training on real time projects.
  • For any clarifications or for further updates you can contact us
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₹10,000.00 ₹1,999.00