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With Digital Marketing transform yourself as a digital marketer in online course. Learn the complete series of  latest techniques and tools of Digital Marketing. Get ready for the ever changing business digital world. By attending the master sessions become expert. Faculty  training on real time projects for easy and better learning. The Digital Marketing Online Course is recorded and graphically designed in HD quality. Video sessions are designed after lot of research done for clear and better understanding. After the completion of course students will receive YBM Education Certification. As well as will get training on Google Certification for growth in your carrier.

English speaking course


By doing this course students can plan for their upcoming future of Digital World. Now it has become essential to do digital marketing course so grab the opportunities before it gets late. Digital marketing is very much required for every business industry specially after the pandemic situation in year 2020. No matter whatever subject you study but along with Digital marketing Course you will surely double the opportunities that will come your way. You can start working the very next day after the completion of course. Being a student  update your resume with Digital Marketing experience to add star points for carrier growth.

This  Course is designed and suitable for people who are working but want to upgrade their profile digitally. Also for those want to play a leadership role in their own industry. Moreover as per their convenient time can learn Digital Marketing Online Course created by YBM Network team of experts. This is the right course to purse and grab the opportunities available for them . And people who are job seekers then this course will definitely help them to find and apply for a job. As the demand for Digital Marketing people is increasing  day by day, knowledge on this particular topic is required to get success in your field.

From 2020 till now due to pandemic situation all over the world has change the pattern of  their working. Directly or indirectly everyone is working online. Whether you are single entrepreneur or a firm all our working is done through online activities. To make business strategies entrepreneurs need to know step by step how to work digitally through digital marketing tools and  techniques.  Digital Marketing Online Course will help you planning strategies to promote your products or services. Social media marketing help to reach your target clients. By this you can get work done done in a professional manner by an employee hired by you on the post of digital marketing profile. For quick actions and resolutions the course  is designed and created after lot of research done by YBM Education Team. Digital Marketing Online Course is taught by the self experienced advising team.

Those who has the passion of learning new or want to work part time as a freelancer then Digital Marketing Online Course is for you. Its never late so instead of thinking start learning. By pursuing this course you will definitely not loose anything but  will gain a lot in this digital world. Enroll now to become self independent.  

Search Engine Optimization

Know to how to make your web pages visible and improve traffic on your website.

Know what is Digital marketing and how bring growth in your career.

Learn the concept of seo and see the results of search engine optimization

How to do content research and creating fresh content to rank our website

Right method of searching terms related to your topic. Users will reach you with the right keyword.

How to analyze competitors online activities 

Doing search engine analysis with specific tools

Tool to track your customers

 Key points to be followed to maintain website on regular basis 

Making your business presence impactful with video creation and video marketing

Technique of doing video marketing and choosing the right medium

Know the platforms of increasing the credibility of your website

To rank in Google search result will use internal and external links

To Boost traffic on your website will do bookmarking on social sites

With the use of social media platforms will publicize our business

Social Media Marketing

Engaging readers to our website by promoting our business on social media platforms

Choosing the right platform for doing social media activities

Growing business and generating leads with Facebook Marketing

Making the right use of YouTube. Its the second largest search engine and video promotion platform

Know the right content to be promoted on Instagram platform

How to target and interact with new customers

To connect with the audience through corporate mailers

Help you generate leads

Ways to create campaigns for product or service promotion

Tools and techniques to target or re target your audience

know the method of pay per click ads

How to manage social media accounts for digital marketing

Esha Kapoor having 10 years of experience and is  known for the Direction of Professional Corporate Videos and Video Influencer turned Digital Marketing Advisor for Corporate Industry and Educational Institute.  Frequently write blogs on Corporate Videography and Business Promotion Techniques. Executed more than 30 webinars on Video Marketing. Previously worked for Print Media, Electronic Media Web Media, Digital Media and Corporate Film Production House.  Stood as commerce student of Delhi University and Masters in Marketing and HR. Successfully  Motivated and influenced women of NGO in Uttarakhand  for Digital Education that showed proven results.

Digital Marketing Trainer

Esha Kapoor - Digital Marketing Advisor

After Effects Of Learning Digital Marketing Online Course

Adapt in Digital World

Learning the Course Will Help you Easily Adapt in Digital World and take up challenges with confidence


Regular Working On Digital Marketing Activities Will Help You Achieving Interesting Results Ever Before


Digitally Understand the Needs and Behavior Of Your Customers

Business Strategies

Plan Business Strategies Using Digital Techniques And Tools

Frequently Asked Questions By Students, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Job Seekers

1). What is Digital Marketing? (2). What is required to do Online Digital Marketing Course? (3). Carrier after completing Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is the most trending course and is required to be done by every student for better and successful future as the present and future time demand is only of Digital learning.
1). In simple words any kind of work done through the medium of internet is Digital working and to promote our talent or our product or services we offer is presented and promoted by using the right tools and techniques of digital marketing.
2). For Online Digital Marketing Course we require a desktop or laptop or any mobile having internet connection. Understanding of writing and reading basic English Language.
3). In This course there are different aspects on which you can can have command on. You can become SEO Optimization Specialist, Digital Analyst, Social Media Marketing Manager or PPC Expert.
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1). What Benefit My Business Have From Digital Marketing? (2). How much it will cost?

Changes are always for good. Digital Marketing activities is just an add on to our marketing strategies. This course is easy to do and interesting to learn.
1) Tools and Techniques designed and created for doing Digital Marketing surely benefits the business of any form and any type. Moreover there are various platforms available to promote our Business under Digital Marketing planner list to do. (2) Digital Marketing for business is cost effective with unexpected results ever before.
Digital Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs

After Doing Digital Marketing Online Course for which Industry we can work For?

Online Digital Marketing Course is very much apt and best to do in this changing Digital World. As every thing is going digital so in this case this course will help you earn well as a freelancer.

For Which Industry and For Which Job Can We Apply?

For Employees and job seekers Online Digital Marketing is the best source to grow in the rapid transform of digital world. As per your convenient time you can take the classes. After the completion of Online Digital Marketing Course you can avail for number of opportunities as at current time every industry requires Digital Marketing Specialist. You can apply for various positions like Social Media Marketing expert, SEO Expert, Digital analyst, and many more. If you are in other field then also the certification course will add on qualification in your profile and will help you grab current ad future demanding opportunities.
Employees and Job Seekers

Our clients say

By doing Digital Marketing Online Course helped me expand my networks as well as my clientage. With specified tools and techniques now I can easily target my audience.
Digital marketing for Entrepreneur
Rohan- Hospitality Trainer
Learning in a easy way from YBM Education- Digital Marketing tools and techniques turned me become Digital Marketing freelancer. I had great experience learning this interesting program.
Why Digital Marketing
Shweta- Freelancer
In very short span of time i reached my customers by promoting my services and generated genuine leads.
Digital marketing course in delhi
Sandhya Singh- Consultant
Updating myself by learning Digital Marketing Online Course from YBM Education Academy helped me making better marketing strategies as per present and future requirement.
Harsh Goyal- Entrepreneur
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